One Off Joblot of 8 Ladies Wondaland Stunning Coats 5 Styles Available

£56.00 RRP: £1080.00

Items In Joblot: 8

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Product Description

You will receive 8 Ladies Wondaland Stunning Coats.

Sizes: 8 (x3), 10 (x4), 12 (x1)

RRP: £80-£195

Wondaland is a premium fashion label based in London that was created by designer Alice Keswick. It is feminine, playful and effortlessly chic and has attracted interest from well known stylish celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Cara and Poppy Delvigne.

These premium coats come in 5 stunning designs for various different occasions. There are smart blazer jackets that are button fastened and in open designs as well as two smart zip fastened jackets, one in a striped pattern and the other blue/black/white. These are all very fashionable and would be a great addition to any ladies wardrobe.

2 of the jackets have tags intact.