One Off Joblot of 28 Nice Things Mini Girls Cardigans/Jumpers 7 Beautiful Styles

£254.70 RRP: £1273.51

Items In Joblot: 28

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Product Description

You will receive 28 Nice Things Mini Girls Cardigans/Jumpers.

5x V-Neck trapezium blue

5x Crochet peach

5x Contrast placket

4x Sunglasses

4x Tydye jersey jumper

3x Navy

2x V-Neck trapezium pink

Sizes: 2 (x9), 4 (x11), 6 (x8)

RRP: £32.10-£51.18

Girls cardigans/jumpers from Nice Things Mini that come in 7 stunning styles. There are blue, pink, peach, navy and tydye designs included within the lot as well as one decorated in sunglasses. Premium quality children’s clothing that looks fantastic.