One Off Joblot of 27 Boys Milibe T-Shirts 4 Styles Long & Short Sleeved

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Items In Joblot: 27

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Product Description

You will receive 27 Boys Milibe T-Shirts.

9x ‘Play’

8x Green Stripe

6x Red Number Stripe

4x Green Number Stripe

Sizes: 1-2 years (x10), 3-4 years (x10), 5-6 years (x7)

RRP: £18-£23

Boys t-shirts from Milibe that come in 4 stunning styles, of which some could also be worn by girls. 3 of the styles are long sleeved and one short. Two of the long sleeved ones have a a large number print on the front indicating the age of the child who is wearing it. The other striped style is green/grey. The last t-shirt included is a blue short sleeved one with a red print design on the front that reads ‘play child’.

All are brand new and tagged.