One Off Joblot of 21 Childrens Branded Cardigans/Jumpers 7 Styles

£85.80 RRP: £429.00

Items In Joblot: 21

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Product Description

You will receive 21 Children’s Branded Cardigans/Jumpers.

6x FUB green

4x Bebe by Minihaha multi-strip

4x Toffee Moon fudge

2x Toffee Moon pebbel

2x FUB dark brown

2x FUB parl

1x Tappa Nakki Ibrahim

Sizes: 90 (x4), 100 (x1), 110 (x3), 120 (x2), 9 months (x1), 9-12 months (x1), 12-18 months (x2), 18-24 months (x3), 12 months (x2), 24 months (x1), 4 (x1)

RRP: £18-£24.49

Children’s branded cardigans/jumpers that come in assorted styles. Within the lot there are partnered designs as well as plain ones. There are green, brown, blue, red and grey included so there should be something for every young child. All of the items are branded, from the labels; FUB, Bebe by Minihaha, Toffee Moon and Tappa Nakki. Fabulous designs that will ensure your kids are always comfortable and look great.