One Off Joblot of 20 Sets of Smart Maternity Clothing Tops & Trousers/Skirts

£454.40 RRP: £2272.00

Items In Joblot: 20

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Product Description

You will receive 20 sets of ladies smart maternity clothing. 20 tops/shirts and 20 trousers/skirts.

Sizes: 10 (x6), 12 (x5), 14 (x4), 16 (x4), 18

RRP: £50-£153

Premium quality ladies maternity clothing that includes styles that are smart, fashionable and stylish. There is a good range of sizes and designs included with a mix of branded names such as Blooming and Sara. An example of some of the designs included are purple and pink shirt/trousers with a collar, a grey top and skirt combination, a short sleeved check shirt with trousers, a burgundy top and trousers with see through areas, a white top with a butterfly on and many more. All the styles you will receive have been pictured. Ensure you look smart and stylish during/after pregnancy.