One Off Joblot of 15 Branded Childrens Winter Hats Gloves & Scarves

£76.60 RRP: £383.00

Items In Joblot: 15

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Product Description

You will receive 15 Branded Children’s Winter Hats Gloves & Scarves.

8x FUB gloves

3x FUB hats

3x Weekend a la Mer hats

1x Weekend a la Mer scarf

Sizes: 1 (x2), 2 (x1), 3 (x5), 4, 6 (x5), TU

RRP: £12.50-£30

Children’s winter accessories that includes mittens, hats and a scarf. 11 of the items are from FUB and 4 are from Weekend a la Mer. They come in a mixture of designs, with some being decorated in brown stripes, some red stripes, and some in a pink/navy/white pattern. All of the FUB items are made of the finest 100% pure new wool. Must-have items for kids to beat the cold weather. Can be worn by either girls or boys.

All items are brand new with original tags in tact.