Mixed Joblot of 100 Fashion Items Clothing & Accessories Various Popular Brands

£249.99 RRP: £1694.50

Items In Joblot: 100

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Product Description

You will receive: 100 Assorted Fashion Items, Clothing & Accessories From Various Popular Brands

RRP: £ 6.99 – £35

Please note that this lot will be randomly selected and that the items shown are to give you an idea of what you may receive in this lot.

This lot is a mix of jewellery, shoes, clothing and other fashion items from various big names such as French Connection, Punky Fish, Golddigga, Chupa Chups, Hooch, Playboy, PolyPop, Donna Moda, Chilli Pepper and more! This lot is ideal for a fashion business just starting out, eBayers, car booters, people who run market stalls, or just about anyone looking to buy high-quality branded fashion stock for a fraction of the retail price. Examples of some items you may receive are: Playboy bags, Chupa Chups scented purses, LA Donna Moda high heels, French Connection necklaces, Punky Fish ear studs, and PolyPop T-shirts!