Hardworking Butcher Francis & Friendly Jame the Handy Man Costumes

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Items In Joblot: 100

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Product Description

Chain store Massacre…

Wholesale clearance lot of 20 costumes mixed between 2 styles as seen below.

Each style will come in de-branded retail packaging.

The original Retail per item was upto £20 each, our clearance price is only £3 each.

Costume details…

Hardworking Butcher Francis

Francis is a hardworking butcher, he spends all day working at the farmers market to feed his 4 children. Costume includes overalls with realistic beef stains, tired face mask and well used meat cleaver prop. This costume is the ideal piece for a “Typical Job” fancy dress party.

Friendly Jame the Handy Man

Jame the handy man can fix any problem with your home. The costume features an orange jumpsuit zipped at the front to keep off the paint and brown face protection for sawdust. Comes with sealant syringe prop used for fixing leaky pipes. Perfect for a DIY fancy dress party.