Childrens Cloppies Scarves 4 Styles Inc Toys SCA12

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Product Description

Colours: Black, blue, red, blue

Material: 100% Polyester

Size: 16cms x 140cms

RRP: £18

Childrens scarves that feature some colourful designs from Cloppies. They come in 4 different styles, 2 blue, a black and a red and all feature a design on the border of the scarf. The black style features a heart, a person and some other abstract designs. The two blue designs feature a multi-coloured eye catching design and the red features multi-coloured stars. Underneath each of these designs is a discrete velcro pocket. In these pockets some of the scarves will have a fun finger puppet toy or a changing coloured handkerchief inside as a treat for your children. The scarves are polar fleeced to ensure your kids are cosy and warm during the cold weather.

All scarves are brand new and packaged.