10 Mens & Womens Puma T-Shirts Mixed Designs & Sizes

£50.00 RRP: £249.90

Items In Joblot: 10

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Product Description

You will receive 10 Mens & Womens Assorted Puma T-Shirts.

Sizes: S-XXL, 8-16

RRP: £22.99-£29.99

Mens and womens t-shirts from Puma that come in assorted styles. A good range of designs are included so there should be something for everyone. Classic Puma logo t-shirts, large logo t-shirts, small logo t-shirts, Puma king tees, sports tops and more could be included. These come in a variety of colours including white, orange, black, pink and grey.

You will receive a mixture of the styles and sizes advertised. You are not guarenteed to receive every style as we have low stock in some.