10 Mens Swimshorts Mostly Pegasus & D555 3XL-7XL

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Product Description

Sizes: 3XL-7XL

RRP: £18-£25

Mens swimming shorts in assorted styles, mainly from the brands Pegasus and D555. They come in a mixture of colours including red, blue, khaki, cream, navy and more. A range of designs are included with there being swimming shorts with pockets on the front, ones with a pocket on the back, ones with a stripe going down the side, ones displaying a brand logo and plenty more. These are for plus size males as sizes range from 3XL-7XL. Ensure you are prepared for summer with these high quality, fashionable swimming shorts for men.

Please note not all styles have been pictured, so you may receive others to the ones advertised. You may also not receive every style advertised.