10 Ladies Calvin Klein Navy Straight Slim Fit Jeans

£120.00 RRP: £89.50

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Product Description

Sizes: 25-36

RRP: $89.50 (Calvin Klein jeans in the UK retail for higher than in the US)

Calvin Klein are one of the leading designers of high end apparel.

These jeans are in a simple yet stunning design. They are navy and in a slightly washed style. The buttons are Calvin Klein branded and on the rear beltline there is a ‘Calvin Klein Jeans’ label in brown. Features a stitched design on each of the rear pockets. A beautiful pair of jeans that would be a great addition to any ladies wardrobe.

All are brand new in packaging and you may receive some that are tagged but we can not guarantee this.

Please note as our batches are randomly selected you are not guaranteed to receive every size but we will aim to give you the best mix possible.

Some may have cut labels in the inside (see the last picture below).