00 Mixed Gothic Jewellery Bracelets & Cuffs

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Items In Joblot: 100

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Product Description

You will receive 100 Mixed Gothic Bracelets & Cuffs.

RRP: £2.99-£10.99

Assorted Gothic styled jewellery that includes bracelets and cuffs. The designs included will predominately be black, silver or brown but some may have some colour decoration. We have a good variety of designs available such as; ones with spikes/studs on, ones with skull decoration, ones with beaded detailing, faux leather and more. A great variety of jewellery that will prove to be highly popular amongst fans of Gothic fashion.

The pictures are just to give you an indication of the type of stock you will receive. You are not guaranteed to receive all of the designs pictured and you may receive other similar ones.